Like all Angel groups, ECS Angels invests in early-stage enterprises that show the potential and promise of high growth and excellent financial return.  In distinction from most other groups, we:

- Seek to optimize financial return through vertically integrating long-term company partnership and involvement from the Angel through Venture Capital (see ECS Capital Partners, LLC, stages, using a pragmatic and evolutionary approach.

- May be of interest to investors seeking the highest quality Angel returns, through cooperation and support of like-minded individuals, energetic and full-time professional management, and significant financial resources.

- Are committed to finding and participating in the best deals nationally, via a single aggregate LLC for each investment, but are open to membership and participation by investors without geographic limitation.

Please note that the above is not an offer to sell - potential investors or entrepreneurs should contact ECS Angels via email for further information.  ECS Angels is a proud member of the Angel Capital Association (ACA).